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Alfred Yazbak


Alfred began his career in the caviar business in 1985. Starting as a salesman for Cristal Caviar a subsidiary of the importer of Cristal Champagne. He then moved on to work for an American company operated by Russian immigrants, with his help he grew sales by 50%. In 1990 Alfred formed his own company beginning with exporting salmon and whitefish roe in large scale. And also Supplying caviar to every significant upscale hotel and specialty food provider in the United States. Since then he has formed AQUA FÖR and is specializing in the import and export of bulk caviar. Currently exporting large quantities of Salmon Roe, Whitefish Roe, and Lumpfish Roe to Europe and to US caviar packaging companies servicing Western European and American packagers who sell to high-end super markets, duty-free shops and specialty stores. All of AQUA FÖR’s caviar’s are custom processed exclusively for AQUA FÖR.

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