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Salmon Roe

AQUA FÖR - Purveyor of fine foods.


The majority of the salmon roe that is produced under the Aqua-For brand is harvested from the Puget Sound in Washington State.  The waters in this area are pristine which produces firm, fresh and clean tasting eggs.


We have partnered with one processor for several years that does our custom processing. We sell Chum, King Coho, & Pink Salmon roe from the Puget Sound region. The roe can be packed fresh in 15 KG Pails or frozen in 1 Kilo or 500-gram MAP plastic tubs. We have also partnered with a small producer in Alaska that custom processes Chum & Pink roe for us. The roe from Alaska is MSC certified and of excellent quality. All of the roe is processed within hours of the catch.


Salmon Roe has bright and large beads that combine flavor and wholesomeness for a colorful stroke to a gourmet cuisine, providing the human body precious omega-3 fatty acids and powerful antioxidants. The tight and translucent eggs of the Salmon Roe caviar vary in color from red to bright orange color.

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