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Lumpfish Roe

Lumpfish Roe comes from the lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) and is referred to as “the caviar of the north”. With a small pop, each little pearl bursts in the mouth and releases a fresh, salty flavour with a touch of sweetness. AQUA-FÖR Lumpfish Roe is harvested in Iceland and Canada.


Salmon Roe

The majority of the salmon roe that is produced under the Aqua-For brand is harvested from the Puget Sound in Washington State.  The waters in this area are pristine which produces firm, fresh and clean tasting eggs.

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Whitefish Roe

Whitefish roe comes from whitefish (Coregonus Clupeaformis) and is commonly referred to as “lake whitefish”. The natural color of the Whitefish Roe eggs is golden to tangerine.

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